Simulator Pilot Program

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About the program

The Flysym Simulator Pilot program is an exciting STEM educational initiative designed to introduce k12 students to the fascinating world of aviation.

Tailored for students ranging from Grade 5 to 8 and Grade 9 to 13, this program offers a unique blend of innovative learning experiences, culminating in a deeper understanding of flight principles and hands-on piloting skill development.

Program Components
    • Simulator Pilot Training Workshop: Dive into the world of aviation through an immersive 6-hour training session. This workshop combines theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience in flying a Cessna 182 aircraft within an ultra-realistic flight simulator cockpit.
    • Flysym Landing Challenge: Put your newly acquired piloting skills to the test in the exhilarating Flysym Landing Challenge. Participants compete to showcase their ability to execute smooth takeoffs and landings with precision and finesse.
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Program Highlights:

Throughout the training session, participants will delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics in aviation and flight training, including:

  1. Introduction to Aircraft: Explore the fascinating world of aviation by learning about different types of aircraft and their unique characteristics.
  2. Forces of Flight: Gain insight into the fundamental principles of flight, including lift, drag, thrust, and weight, and understand how these forces interact to enable aircraft to take to the skies.
  3. Primary and Secondary Controls: Discover the primary controls (elevator, ailerons, and rudder) and secondary controls (flaps and trim) that pilots use to maneuver aircraft effectively.
  4. Cockpit Instruments: Familiarize yourself with the array of instruments found in the cockpit, learning how to interpret them to maintain situational awareness and navigate the aircraft safely.
  5. Runway and Markings: Learn about runway configurations, markings, and signage, essential for conducting safe takeoffs and landings at airports.
  6. Flight Circuit Pattern: Master the standard flight circuit pattern, comprising key elements such as crosswind legs, base legs, and final approaches, crucial for executing precise landings.
  7. Hands-On Training: Step into the pilot’s seat and embark on a guided, step-by-step practice of flight circuit procedures, honing your piloting skills under the expert guidance of experienced instructors.



AlNahda National School – Boys, Abu Dhabi


AlNahda National Boys


9th & 10th Mar 2024


9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon


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